Wednesday, 3 April 2013

CBC Debut!

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Well I have had a very busy few weeks and have been quite neglectful of my blog, I do apologize... So what’s been happening you ask?  CBC pursued the Single Mother’s By Choice (SMBC) to be featured in a series that was aired this week on the Ottawa News.  It’s a great series and addresses so many issues that we as SMBC have been confronted with including fertility, age, going it alone and the expense associated with pursuing having a baby on our own.  Check out the 3 part series online, links below and let me know what you think.  There are both print versions and videos and in a couple of cases there are links to a radio component as well.  The coverage was fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure working with Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, the reporter, Sandra Abma, the producer and the two cameramen Jean and Patrick.


Print version of CBC series on fertility - click on the main photo to see the video version

Never Too Late:

Tired of waiting, single mothers are going it alone

Fertility treatments on the rise in Ottawa

Fertility treatment is an expensive last chance for pregnancy

Getting together with a few of the other women in the SMBC for the purpose of this interview was a great opportunity to share our stories.  I feel a large responsibility to accurately and appropriately represent this new minority and to speak out on our behalf because I think for the most part we are lumped in with single parents and as you can see from my earlier blog, I for one don’t feel that we are the same in the original intention.  

You will also see that for the series an artist Julie Keon made a belly cast of me.  The experience was wonderful (though perhaps a little revealing... yikes!), I went out to Julie’s house which is an old beautiful century home.  She and I had tea and a visit getting to know each other while we waited for Sandra and Patrick from CBC to arrive.  Julie is an amazing woman... she’s a doula though not practicing at the moment, she makes belly casts and she is becoming a celebrant so will be able to perform all kinds of ceremony.  I really enjoyed meeting Julie and we shared some stories that made me believe that we share some common beliefs.  I look forward to my next encounter with Julie and I absolutely love the belly cast!  Julie will be sanding and painting it for me and I intend to bring it home and add it either to the wall of the baby’s room or my room.

I really appreciate CBC’s interest in running a story on this topic and inviting us to participate.  And while I feel like I’m in a fantastic position to be a mom at this point in my life from the comments there are definitely people who have their own opinions.  I look forward to addressing some of those comments as I get further along this journey!  One thing is for sure... it’ s too late to turn back now (not that I would ever want to...) given my due date was yesterday and I’m still waiting!

Stay tuned, I will write more in the coming days as there is so much to share... Content subject to copyright laws

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